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Get the peace of mind knowing you don't have to do it all by yourself!

Virtual Medical Receptionist & 
Practice Management Services
Do you wish you had a virtual medical receptionist in your office?  Phone calls, scheduling, prior-authorizations, forms, medical records, refills ...where does it end!?  
It ends with Silver Leaf, we can help you with this burden without you having to worry about insurance, human resources, and all the other headaches that come along with an actual in-house full-time or part-time employee.  You only pay for what you use!  There are no minimum hours per week or month.  We know that starting your business is challenging enough, without having to hire employees.

The team at Silver Leaf Practice Management Solutions  is led by a registered nurse with over 20 years of emergency room experience.  If she isn't doing the work herself, she is managing those that do.  


Where else can you find that?  

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