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SilverLeaf PMS Spruce


If you are looking for a team that specializes in Spruce set-up, maintenance, and growth of your brand Silver Leaf PMS is your best solution.


Do you need help with creating a functional communication hub for your practice? If you just need a little guidance or a complete set-up, when you need support to grow your practice, Silver Leaf PMS can help!  

Let's talk about your SPRUCE needs!   


Hello I'm Megan...
What Can I Do For Your Private Practice

All packages include custom content and creation of your Spruce account by Silver Leaf PMS.

Please click HERE to explore how spruce can streamline your private practice process

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Spruce Services

Schedule time with Megan to explore how to utilize Spruce in your private practice. Learn how to decrease administration time, saving yourself time & money.   

  • Streamline Processes

  • Create custom Phone trees

  • Automate Processes

  • Create Workflows

  • Facilitate saved messages

  • Utilize Filters/ Folders

  • & More 

Building an In-House Team can be costly both in time and money. Save both time and money and give yourself an edge by working with a diverse experienced team to guide and consult your Private Practice growth.


Spruce Help Videos

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