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Meet the Silver Leaf Team



Beverly is a registered nurse with over 20 years of ER nursing, management, quality, and various administrative positions.  She is half-way done with her Masters in Healthcare Informatics.  She often refers to herself as a "computer nerd nurse."  In 2018, she researched and figured out how to open her friends practice.  HOURS and HOURS of education and research led to a successful business that had over 700 active patients with one provider in 9 months!  She did everything from the business startup up to maintaining the overall daily practice management.  She leads the website design, marketing, and EHR building portion of Silver Leaf.  

Beverly, Brittany and Megan are the owners of Silver Leaf Practice Management Solutions, LLC.  They are a mother-daughters company that decided to provide a service that is much needed to empower Nurse Practitioners to obtain the necessary resources to make the leap into private practice.  



Brittany is Beverly's oldest daughter, and is the billing and credentialing owner/manager of Silver Leaf PMS and also does credentialing.  Brittany has a strong customer service background.  She worked her way up to branch manager with Enterprise Rental Car and consistently ranked in the top 5 in the Houston, Texas region.  The pandemic forced her to become a billing expert. Today she leads a team of billing gurus at Silver Leaf and heads up all things credentialing and billing-related.  



Megan is a dedicated and passionate professional who excels in the field of customer service. After 17+ years in the industry, gaining exceptional communication skills and genuine empathy, Megan consistently goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Her ability to handle challenging situations with grace and poise has earned her the reputation of being a trusted and reliable point of contact for customers. She is relentless in her strive for excellence and her organizational skills are top-tier. Her friendliness, southern charm, and unwavering commitment to providing outstanding service has made her an invaluable asset to any organization she works with. Megan is co-owner/co-founder of Silver Leaf, Practice Manager Lead, and oversees the Virtual Medical Receptionists and SpruceHealth Communication set-ups.

Together we hope to provide you with the best practice management solutions for your private practice.

We strive to please our clients 110%

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