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Virtual Medical Receptionists: Timeless Professionalism in the Digital Age

When you call a medical professional, it can be frustrating when no one picks up the phone. A medical business is like no other, people are often dealing with frightening circumstances, even if it’s not an emergency. A professional, comforting voice on the phone can seem like a lifeline to those seeking medical assistance. Yet, the overhead of hiring a full-time medical receptionist can be too great a burden to bear for a business just starting out. That’s why you need a virtual medical receptionist.

What is a Virtual Medical Receptionist?

They’re on the front lines of your business and will answer the phone when you cannot. Plus, unlike other virtual office providers, a virtual medical receptionist is trained to handle all the daily tasks your employees would. They can assist with:

  • Pharmacy Refills

  • Prior – Authorizations

  • Disability Forms

  • SMS Texts

  • Chart Readiness

  • And more!

Why Do You Need One?

You care deeply about your current and prospective patients. They feel that care when someone answers the phone and helps them with their needs. Studies show that 68% of consumers want to speak with someone when making a major decision, which is exactly what they’re doing when they reach out to a nurse practitioner for medical services. Plus, phone calls convert to 10-15x the revenue when compared to web leads. So, when you’re missing phone calls, you are missing out on thousands of annual dollars.

A full-time employee, including salary, benefits, and other overhead, can cost your business thousands of dollars. How do you balance your professional needs with your company budget? That’s where Silver Leaf PMS comes in

Silver Leaf PMS Virtual Medical Receptionists

We put our virtual medical receptionists through vigorous training to ensure only professional, caring candidates become the first voice many of your clients will hear. When you choose Silver Leaf PMS for your nurse practitioner business solutions, you are choosing a nurse-founded company that understands the nuances of daily medical practice. Schedule a free consultation to learn how virtual medical receptionists can increase your practice revenue.

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