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Virtual Medical Receptionist & Practice Management Services

Have you just started your private practice and feel extremely overwhelmed by the daily burdens? Having to deal with collecting the right insurance, human resources, and billing your employees. Answering numerous phone calls, scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records and refills is essential to keeping your private practice up and running.

It can all be a lot to handle for one person while trying to help heal clients. This is where Silver Leaf comes in to help lift those burdens and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Pay for only as much as your virtual medical receptionist works. Silver Leaf takes a different approach when setting you up with your virtual medical receptionist. Whether you need them for a couple hours per week or days, there is no minimum hours week or month. Pay your employees for only what you need!

Virtual Medical Receptionists take care of the taxing, mundane, and tedious tasks for your business, so you don’t have to! While you are focusing on bringing new clients and growing your practice, virtual receptionists help maintain your practice!

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