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Tired of Chasing Down Patient Communication?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

SpruceHealth is your answer! It is an all-in-one communications platform.

  • Faxes

  • HIPAA Compliant SMS text messages

  • Emails

  • Business Phone Number

  • Team Communication

  • Scheduled messages

  • Voicemails

  • Telehealth

This platform is THE ANSWER to all of your practices communications. All communications come into ONE inbox instead of multiple inboxes across multiple programs, and it is HIPAA compliant. Spruce will save you time and money!

If you already have a phone and/or fax number - no worries they can transfer it over! If you need a phone and fax line, they can provide you with them, and you get to choose your area code!

I promise you, that SpruceHealth IS THE SOLUTION to your communication needs.

Watch the video below and see what Spruce can do for you and return here to get your special promo code from Silver Leaf Practice Management Solutions.

You can get a discount several ways. YOU will not find this promo code anywhere else!

Silver Leaf PMS Communicator Plan Discount: When you become a customer of Silver Leaf PMS and want us to set up your Spruce account for you. You can receive a 10% Discount as a solo provider or group with less than 4 users. If your practice has more than 4 users, you can get a bigger discount of 20%. Contact US to find out more! This discount is not time-limited, it will remain on your account as long as you are a Spruce user.

3-Month Discount: Not as good as having Silver Leaf provide you services, but the next to best thing! Spruce will give you 50% off to check out their platform for 3-months. Just enter the promo code SilverLeaf50%off3 when you check out with the Communicator Plan.

If you don't LOVE Spruce after three months, you can always go back to checking your email box, EHR portal messages, faxes, and voicemails in 4 different places.

Oh! another BONUS - their Customer Service is AMAZING!!

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