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Finding Love As A Nurse Practitioner in 2022

Finding love in the modern age is already challenging, let alone being a very busy nurse practitioner running their private practice.

Well, Silver Leaf PMS has helped you launch your private practice from ground zero and is here to support you in finding love, as well.

It is Valentine’s Day, and everyone feels the effects of wanting someone by their side for support, love, and comfort.

Here are three ways you can find your match as a nurse practitioner.

Networking Event/Industry Events

We know you are passionate about your work. Launching a private practice is one of the most significant accomplishments. You may not feel like you have the time to find love. But we make time for the things that matter in our lives. Going to an industry event hits two birds with one stone. You are in an environment where like-minded people accompany you and share similar experiences. It is a great place to meet people you can relate to while learning and growing in your work.

Dating Apps Designed for Nurses

In 2022, everything is online, our jobs, schools, our entire lives. Dating apps have been on the rise since Tinder came into existence. Today, specific apps and platforms are designed for your particular interests. If you are a serial entrepreneur, there is a dating app for you. You, as an empowered nurse practitioner looking for love? There is an online dating platform made for you!

Speed Dating Events

Looking for love doesn’t have to be a task. It can be enjoyable and exciting. Speed dating events are a great way to get out and get your jiggy on. If you have been working all day, cooped up in your office, it can be an excellent opportunity to meet somebody and have some fun. You can go with your friends just for a nice night out!

Silver Leaf PMS sees your hard work, and it is time to reward yourself. It is the season of love, and we would love to hear your story on your journey of finding love as a nurse practitioner.

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