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5 Mins with Beverly: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Starting your private practice is a giant leap in one’s life and pushes you to move out of your comfort zone. You are taking a leap of faith financially, emotionally, and even spiritually. We all start with a vision to provide people with the most value and healing. Yet, the experience as a whole for one can be horrifying and overwhelming.

Silver Leaf PMS understands that feeling and the demand to step up to the challenge. In life, we often get stuck in our bubble. Our inner worlds are comfortable, safe, and familiar. But often inhibits us from growing further and creating real change in our lives and private practices.

Our fears can hold us back from our dreams and deepest desires to showcase our most considerable skills to the world. If you have been wanting to open your private practice for years now and have questions, concerns, or want to know where to start, Silver Leaf PMS is here to help.

Having guidance throughout your journey not only provides you with educational insights. But having worked with hundreds of clients, Silver Leaf PMS builds your practice up from ground zero.

Start small by scheduling a free 15-minute consultation today!

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