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SilverLeaf PMS Marketing


If you are looking for a marketing team that specializes in set-up, maintenance, and growth of your brand, Silver Leaf PMS is Your best solution.


Do you need help marketing your private practice? If you just need the material to post or if you need someone to market for you, Silver Leaf can help!  

How can we help you with your marketing needs!   


Basic Marketing


Social Media Set-up

SilverLeaf PMS offers this First Step for marketing your New Private Practice


4 Social Media Accounts Setup

4 Accounts of SM Management Tool

25 Customized Ads

25 Posts Per Account

25 Hashtags

5 Action Statements

2 Hours Engagement 

30 Minutes of SM Education


SilverLeaf PMS offers this 2nd Step for continued marketing your Private Practice

Continued Marketing


Social Media Maintenance

25 Customized Ads

Boosted Posts

25 Hashtags

5 Action Statements

2 Hours Engagement 

30 Minutes of SM Education


SilverLeaf PMS offers this Service for Established Private Practice Marketing 


Starting at


Focus on PPC Ads
Keyword Dominance
Up To 4 Accounts

Customized Graphic Ads
Social Media (Boosted Posts)  
30 Min of SM Education
& Much More

SilverLeaf PMS offers these Services for Monthly Private Practice Marketing 

Monthly Plan



5 Scheduled Posts Monthly
5 Custom Posts
Up To 4 Accounts

5 Customized Graphic Ads
2 Paid Ads (Posted Boosts) 
10 Hashtags
1 Headlines 
30 Min of SM Education

Our integrity based plan includes a 360 degree marketing strategy to develop and grow your private practice's KPI's. These services include:

  • Research | Planning

  • Marketing Development

  • Brand Messaging

  • Campaign Development

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Pro

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Creation | Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Copy Editing

  • Creative Design

  • Website Design & Re-Style

  • Paid Search Ads

  • Paid Social Media Ads

  • Geo-Location

  • Custom Web Development

  • Web Maintenance

  • Photography

  • Video Development

  • Analytics | Setup Maintenance

  • Hashtags

Building an in-house marketing team can be costly. Save time & money, give yourself an edge by working with a talented, experienced team. Let us guide and market your Private Practice excelling your growth.


What We Can Do For Your Private Practice


Custom Web Design


Custom Video Development

In House Photography Team

Brittany Espinoza

Beverly Johnson

Suzie Hodges

Megan Mcdonald

Dan Kutler

Shahid Brown

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