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Intake Q / Practice Q Solutions

Experience the convenience of managing your practice with IntakeQ/PracticeQ, a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your operations.


From online scheduling and electronic note templates to automated intake forms and consents, we provide a hassle-free solution for running your practice efficiently.


VIP "RUSH" Services: The RUSH Fee here at Silver Leaf PMS is kind of like a VIP Access Pass at Disney World.  It allows you to be placed at the front of the project completion line, in front of everyone else waiting to get their project done. You will be able to select this option on the service pages that follow.

Please see the table below for a more detailed explanation.


If you would like to have a consultation regarding EHR services prior to your purchase, please book a consultation HERE. You may also contact for any further questions.

Standard No-Rush

VIP Treatment-Rush Fee


Cost of Project/Service

Cost of Individual Project/Service
+ $1000

Your Project/Service is put into a queue. Your project will be worked on as the Specialist's time permits and with your active customer participation. Your project is in the queue as a first-come / first serve completion. You are in line with everyone else. Your project is completed in order with the others.

Your Project / Service is put into a queue. Project is worked on first daily and is top priority to complete. Your project is at the top of the list of projects to complete.  You are pushed in front of everyone else in the queue that did not pay a rush fee.


Dependent upon client participation. We are dependent on your completion of tasks in a rushed manner. We can not rush a project if you do not participate in the process. Your project will be completed ASAP provided all tasks are done as required. The rush fee does not guarantee a date of completion - it just moves you to the front of the line to be completed as soon as possible in front of others waiting that did not pay a rush fee.   


Dependent upon client participation. We do not want you waiting on us longer than 90 days. 

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