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Standard Monthly Marketing

Standard Monthly Marketing


Standard Monthly Marketing

At SilverLeaf PMS, we know starting your own private practice as a nurse practitioner is an exciting but ultimately very challenging endeavor. 


To help you achieve this dream to make a meaningful impact on patient care, we have crafted the perfect solution - our Essential Monthly Marketing Package, designed exclusively for nurse practitioners.


Starting at just $299 per month, this comprehensive package is tailored to elevate your brand, expand your reach, and establish a strong foundation for your successful private practice.


Included in this package:

5 Scheduled Monthly Posts

Consistency is vital in building your online presence. We'll create and schedule five informative and engaging posts each month, focusing on healthcare insights, patient education, and the services you offer. This ensures that your target audience stays informed and connected with your practice.


5 Custom Social Media Posts Per Month

Your journey as a nurse practitioner is distinctive, and we'll help you showcase that. Our expert content creators will design five custom posts that highlight your passion for patient care, your expertise, and the compassionate approach that sets your private practice apart.


Up To 4 Social Media Accounts:

Establishing a strong presence across multiple platforms is key to reaching potential patients. We'll manage up to four social media accounts of your choice, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, creating a comprehensive online footprint for your practice.


5 Customized Graphic Ads:

Captivate your audience with visually appealing graphic ads. Our creative team will design five eye-catching ads that promote your services, emphasizing the benefits of choosing your private practice for their healthcare needs.


2 Paid Ads (Posted Boosts):

Attracting new patients requires strategic promotion. We'll run two targeted paid ad campaigns, focusing on your specialized services and expertise, to reach individuals actively seeking quality healthcare solutions.


10 Hashtags:

Enhance your online discoverability with relevant hashtags. We'll research and implement ten hashtags specific to the healthcare industry and your specialized services, helping your content reach a wider audience of potential patients.


1 Standout Social Media Headline:

A compelling headline is the gateway to capturing attention. Our team will create one impactful headline that reflects your practice's mission, values, and dedication to patient-centered care.


30 Min of 1-on-1 Social Media Education:

Knowledge is power in navigating the world of social media. We'll provide you with 30 minutes of dedicated social media education, equipping you with the skills to effectively engage with your audience and build strong patient relationships.


With Our Essential Monthly Marketing Package, you can confidently embark on your journey as an aspiring nurse practitioner with a private practice.


Let us handle your marketing needs, while you focus on delivering exceptional patient care and building the practice of your dreams.


Start your path to success today! Complete your purchase and 

one of our SilverLeaf Certified Specialists will contact you within 24-48 hours of to begin work on your project.

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