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Premium Private Practice Set-Up

Premium Private Practice Set-Up

$6,477.00 Regular Price
$5,849.00Sale Price

Buy the complete private practice set-up and get a BIGGER discount!


SpruceHealth Communications Set-Up

Original price:$500.00 Current price:$451.51


Recorded Webinar - Setting Up Your Private Practice with All Three Owners of SLPMS

Original price:$79.00 Current price:$71.34


Recorded Class - Setting Up Your Private Practice

Original price:$99.00 Current price:$89.40


Private Practice Logo

Original price:$200.00 Current price:$180.61


Basic Digital Marketing Set-up

Original price:$1,100.00 Current price:$993.35


2X One-on-One Private Consultation

Original price:$300.00 Current price:$270.92


IntakeQ / Practice Q Initial Set-Up

Original price:$1,999.00 Current price:$1,805.18


Premium Website Design

Original price:$2,200.00 Current price:$1,986.69

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