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Want to Start Your Private Practice? Find Out How!

Starting your own private practice may seem like a daunting endeavor. Numerous questions about credentialing, location, billing, marketing, and more may cause you to wonder where you should start or if it’s worth the effort.

Pursuing your dream is always worth the effort. So, stop wondering where to start and let Silver Leaf PMS help you get started. Join us on July 31st at 2 pm CDT for our webinar “ Learn the Basics - Starting Your Private Practice.”

Beverly, Brittany, and Megan - the co-founders of Silver Leaf Practice Management Solutions, - will be hosting a webinar discussing the key topics you need to start your very own private practice!

Topics will include:

  • Finding a Collaborating Physician

  • Credentialing Your Private Practice

  • Telehealth vs. Physical Office

  • Choosing an EHR

  • Setting Up Communications

  • Managing the Billing Process

  • DIY Marketing


Bring all of your questions, as there will be an open Q & A session. If you have recently opened your practice, or are on the fence about opening one - you do not want to miss this event!

Don’t miss this opportunity. Realize your dream of starting a private practice. Spaces are limited. Register Now.

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