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In Need of a Receptionist for Your Private Practice?

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The world has recognized the need for a trustworthy receptionist who is able to handle your private practice’s needs, virtually.

It is important for receptionist to take care of basic needs including

  • Emails

  • Faxes

  • SMS Texts

  • Collecting Consents

  • Chart Readiness

  • Medical Records Requests (In/Out)

Preparing Letters/Forms

  • ESA Forms

  • Return to Work/School

  • Disability Forms

  • School Forms

  • Discharge Letters


  • Clarifying Orders with Pharmacies

  • Refill Requests

  • Prior - Authorizations


  • Verifying Insurance Eligibility

  • Collecting Co-pays / Co-insurances

In order for your private practice to run efficiently, having a competent and well organized virtual receptionist is extremely important.

Here is the Silver Leaf Practice Management Solution. We help you not only set up your private practice from scratch. But connect you with the best virtual receptionist on the market for your private practice.


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